A Unique workout that will ensure you get your sweat on! It is important to train your body in all directions, side to side, forward and back and this exercise will keep our bodies functionally strong in every direction. Slide classes include aspects of HIIT, cardio and isometric movements using a slide board, weights, and bands.


This is not your average barre class! This is a total body sculpt and tone class, which will deliver results, no doubt! This class focuses on tightening your muscles in ALL the right places; arms, bootay, thighs + abs. We incorporate isometric barre inspired moves in a faster paced class to keep your heart rate up. Yes you will shake, and you will most definitely feel the burn, but your body will love you for it!


*this is a modified schedule, first month back after COVID*


Are you looking to sculpt and tone a lean physique? This class is just for you! Sculpt is a total body, low impact, strength training workout that will ensure you feel the burn. Fuel your metabolism by strengthening the body’s large muscles to make them leaner and tighter. We love our workout props so get ready!

All of our classes are only 45 minutes *(you're welcome), which is plenty of time to tighten and tone that body, we promise!


      8:15AM   SLIDE

      4:30PM    SLIDE



4:30PM    SCULPT


      8:15AM   SLIDE

      4:30PM    SLIDE



4:30PM    SCULPT


     8:15AM   SLIDE  


     8:15AM   SLIDE    



   8:30AM   LIVE YOGA


The Playground was founded by Ashley Parducci & Rebecca McMahon who came together through our love for fitness, so we decided to open a studio that offers a variety of classes that are can't-get-enough, look-forward-to-your-workouts kind of classes! We wanted to create a space that will bring the community together for fun and effective workouts. To be more than just a fitness studio, but a way of life! 



Rebecca McMahon
Owner, Instructor & Slideboard Extraordinaire
Originally from sunny San Diego I got the fever to dance at the age of 6 and that is what drew me to barre. Throughout the years my love for fitness has grown and I believe diversifying your workouts is key, because lets get real, variety IS the spice of life! I strive to make every class dynamic, challenging, effective and fun!

Ashley Parducci
Owner, Instructor & Slideboard Extraordinaire
I grew up on Kauai and spent my high school years playing every sport I could. As an adult there was always a void where team sports once were. With a desk job by trade, I have always been the one in the office encouraging my coworkers to move their bodies, try a new workout, and eat well. I found barre 10 years ago while I was living in Santa Barbara and from there my love of small  group fitness and the community it brings grew. Let's do this!

Delaney Wheeler
Instructor & SlideBoard Extraordinaire


Originally from Oregon I have always had a love for nature and being outside.
Kauai has been the perfect place to explore fitness and healthy living. I found myself in love with barre and began teaching in 2015. I was drawn to yoga and went through my 300 and 500 hr training here on Kauai. I am a big believer in balance!
Between Jiu Jitsu, surfing, yoga, and barre, I love the feel of a killer workout with banging music, and I enjoy the peace of mediation and breath control! Fitness and health is for everyone, and I’m here to support you! 



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